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why do you insist on grating my kids already do that
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Re: Lack of Excitement?

hehe same here...ds1 is done up to a year and ds2...well that doesn't exsist right now lol. niether have had pics done in a LONG time, last time i tried with ds 1 he cried his butt off so we just left and have never gone back lol. i keep saying i'm going to do it and we just haven't lol.

shannon i do feel the same way though, i'm super excited some moments and then others i feel disconnected somehow. i'm also not really used to still being pg so that could be part of it w/me, i just feel like he should be here already and i want my body back. as selfish as that may sound i do, i'm getting pretty uncomfortable and just want to be able to lay down and not have all my blood rush to my head or get a migraine. i love feeling him move though...when it's not painful lol. at any rate...yeah shannon i feel ya lol.
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