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Re: *VENT*WHY do people feel its okay to try and cover a nursing mom?!

Originally Posted by Miles View Post
How can you not see an issue with someone trying to cover her babies head? The girl didnt want the babies head covered to begin with and the lady seemed to think she had to do it. I would be upset along with her.
The lady didn't "make" her nor did she kick her out. Therefore, no harm done in my book. Often times, I think we breastfeeding mothers can be a bit overly defensive. I whip my boob out wherever and whenever and never have I made a big deal out of someone giving me the stink-eye or trying to "help" me cover up. A simple "no thanks" (even if you have to say it more than once) is not that big of a deal. Now - if the employee made a huge fuss and said something mean to her or kicked her out? Heck yeah - raise a fuss. Otherwise - continue doing what's best for your baby and chalk it up to an ignorant employee who may have, like her husband said, made the incorrect assumption that she left her own blanket/hooterhider/whatever at home.

As I said earlier in the thread - yeah - it's gross to cover a baby's head with a foot rag. Sorry she tried to cover him/her with that. Yuck!
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