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Re: Crack! HELP! Update

So why is it that I get this every weekend? The first time was a Sat evening A week later, it was friday morning and another week later (yesterday) it was the evening. I keep getting a low grade fever with chills. And then my breast/s start hurting. Not my nipples, because with the cracks that's already hurting, but the breast itself.

Thursday night the baby bit me when I was trying to take it out of here mouth (my fault) so I didn't nurse on it for the rest of the night and then pumped on that sid ein the in the morning. It was about 3 when she bit me. Then I weas able to nurse on it for the rest of the day with not as much pain. The left side which is super milk maker so it gets full quickly!

I haven't gone to the dr yet because it clears up by Sunday evening. So I don't call. I have been using probitics/accidolpholis and gentian violet since yesterday evening and taking ibeprofen to try to take the edge of the fever down so I can funstion. I try not to take it at night so the fever fights the infection, but I've been up since 3:40 AM with shakes, even after taking ibprofen!

I don't love diflucan, but that might be my only option if it's only yeast, but has anyone heard of a fever with just a yeast infection? My MIL OB/GYN nurse said she hadn't but I was curious abt the fever that seems to accompny this.
Thanks for the input!
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