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My whimsy case of the "I wants"

*sigh* I am just having a case of the I wants lately. Specifically, I want updated technology.

I want a new phone. I have an iPhone 3G. It works fine, but I can't get the iOS to update past like 4.2 or something. This is starting to jack around with apps. Most of them that I use still work. But many that I am interested in will not download. I tried to buy motivated moms but it won't work.

And then there's the phone itself. It has started getting glitchy. It's because my 2 yr old keeps getting a hold of it and chewing on it. Today it rang, but it would unlock when I tried to answer it. I ended up losing a CL sale because even though I was able too call them back they had already moved on.

I also really want data on my phone. REALLY want data. I mostly use the wi-fi at home, but I really want to be able to do things like access gas buddy, get onto my bank to transfer money, etc, when I am out. The other day, I met with a client who wanted to use a CC to pay. I don't have anything set up to take a CC and the biggest reason is that I cannot run the CC through paypal on my phone. I almost lost the client.

I want the new Roku box. It just has some nifty new features that DH and I have talked about wanting.

I want a new stereo for the house. We don't use it much, but that's because it's so crappy. The CD player works but badly, there is NO input for any sort of digital media, the radio doest get some o the stations I listen to because they are weaker signals.

I want a new stereo for my car for the same reasons.

I want some conversion software for my embroidery machine. There is SO much more I could do with it.

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