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Re: My whimsy case of the "I wants"

Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post
Ok, the title is supposed to say Whiney, not whimsy. Stupid iphone
See you def need a new phone

I have the case of I wants right now with some clothes for LO and for myself.

Really since starting on DS I have always sold a lot of things(now on ebay mostly though). I find that you can earn money pretty quickly and hence buy your "new" or "new to you" stuff guilt free.

Like today I already sold 2 lots of LO's clothes($25 & $10) and a pair of keens of my toddlers that will not fit my LO(off season) for $18. I just bought him some toms botas yesterday from other stuff I sold. Plus some other items I sold are all paying for some expensive bday's/mother's day(in europe today) and communion gifts so I could send the pp for those.

I do think it's annoying with apple devices where they update the ios and then it's not compatible. We had the same thing with DS1 had an ipod touch 3rd generation(bought used), then DS2 got the 5th gen(new) he now had the camera and could download all these great apps that DS1 could not. So DS1 ended up getting the 5th gen for his next birthday so now they can play and share together. I got the 3rd gen....of course they are way more advanced them myself or my DH as we don't have that or smart phones Thank goodness I didn't have to pay though as they were joint gifts from our family.
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