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Re: If your child had stitches in their forehead...update, 9 weeks later, page 6

My son has had stitches 3 times in 2 years.
1. Fell into the window while my husband looked on in horror, splitting his top lip with his two bottom teeth. Called me at work "Mel, you need to come home. He's bleeding." Off to the ER, and five stitches later, the child has learned nothing from the experience. I believe a week or two later he ran full tilt into the wall and gave himself a black eye. I actually feel bad that I gave the doc such a hard time about stitching it (I doubted his abilities) because he actually did a good job.

2. Brother-in-law's watch, wound in between the bottom lip and the tip of his chin. He's not sure what happened because he wasn't watching. Probably fell while jumping on the couch. Different doctor, decided to glue it instead of stitch it. I thought this was a more humane idea. NEVER AGAIN. He did a terrible job and it didn't work. By the time we figured it out, it was too late. Grr!

3. My watch. I was bringing him his dinner and he stood up in his chair. I said, "Please sit down before you fall down," at which point he slips and hits the underside of his chin on the table, slicing it open. Bitten tongue for good measure. same doctor as before, and he didn't even want to stitch it. "I'm the doctor, I'll decide!" Umm, how about "I'm the mom and if you won't do it, I'll take him someplace that will!" So then he was only going to do one stitch. I convinced him to do 3. I don't really have any good pictures of this, but it was maybe 1/2cm long. Still, active boys need extra stitches!

Why does it always have to be on his face?! The kid is harry, so I'm sure he'll curse these scars later once he begins shaving. Still, we're a pretty pasty white family, so the scars have all faded. The most noticeable one, I think, is actually the one on the lip, since it's white and his lips are pink. Odd since the doctor actually did a fabulous job stitching it. Anyway, after the third trip for stitches, I was really worried that someone would call CPS on me, but all the nurses just laughed at my expense and told me stories of their boys growing up.

This was him recently. Please excuse the spaghetti sauce on his face! The one on the under side of his chin is really hard to see because it's usually in shadow, the one on his top lip just looks like a fine, white line. The one under his bottom lip is visible in some light more than others. It's not bad, but it bugs me every time I see it that stitching it would have made it thinner. Grandma assures me it gives his face "character".

I should also note that, after stitches #3, I put him in circus (St. Paul, MN has the largest youth circus school in the country). They do a lot of work on balance and core strength and, knock on wood, no trips to the ER for stitches since he started there 2 years ago. ture=plcp
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