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Re: want to be a WAHM! (but where to start)

Originally Posted by jenslp View Post
I have had a lot of friends who have tried being independent consultants for many companies/products and it didn't work out well for any of them unless they really had a ton of time to devote to it. Usually they spent a lot of their own money to reach certain goals and in the end they didn't make very much per hour at all and many lost money. I'm not bashing those jobs at all, that has just been my personal experience. Of all my friends the most successful WAHMs have had the following jobs....

2 people I know took court reporting classes and became certified court reporters and work for companies where they can work from home typing captions for TV shows and movies that are closed captioned. I never realized before that court reporters do that but they do and they can often do those jobs from home. I don't think it took a lot of time to become certified to do it either.

I also know some people who took medical billing classes and now do that from home and make a great living. They have never had any problem finding enough work and do it pretty much all from home.

Good luck!!
Good ideas! Thanks for sharing!
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