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Re: For the love of reading group - September! *Join us!*

I want to join!!! I love reading. Love. My aunt and uncle still tease me because they took me to a used book store once when I was 12 and I found two books I wanted but I only wanted to spend the money on one. So I sat down and read the other one in the store while they browsed. (Took me about a half hour)

I don't have nearly as much time for it now since the baby doesn't like to let me sit much and if DD sees me reading she insists that I need to read one of HER books to her. I still read whenever I can steal the time though!

Right now I'm re-reading The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. There was a DS thread about it the other day and it reminded me that I wanted to read it again (for the 12th time or so). Love it!

Originally Posted by bessaroni View Post
Hello. I like to read

I just forced myself to close the book I am reading so I don't get too grumpy with the kids tomorrow. I'm on the second book of the Hunger Games series. It is called 'Catching Fire'. Good stuff and it has probably already been discussed.

I rebelled against the Harry Potter books for a while too because I hated fantasy. Now it is one of my favourite genres
I LOVE the Hunger Games books. I just re-read Catching Fire a week or so ago. I have Mockingjay on hold at my local library. They take forever to get new books though so it's "on order" and who knows when it will get here.

Originally Posted by alia View Post

I have enjoyed a bunch of the paranormal stuff coming out. The one that comes to mind right now is Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series. Also some stuff by Charlie Huston.
My DH and I are huge Jim Butcher fans! DH's favorite is the Dresden series. I love the Dresden books, but I liked his Codex Alera series better - I was so frustrated that it got tied up so neatly at the end of First Lord's Fury. I wanted more books!

I've read the Twilight series and found it . . . entertaining. They were an easy read and I enjoyed the basic story - but they were by NO means the "amazing" books that people claim they are. And the movies were .
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