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Re: GBS+ what can I do?

No one has asked me to come in early or anything for the antibiotics

My OB just said "you've tested GBS+, so if you test positive again closer to term we'll just give you antibiotics during labor and you'll be fine." The hospital, as a general rule, asks women to immediately report if their water has broken, and not to wait longer than 18 hours to come to the hospital if labor doesn't begin. The stated reason is increased risk of infection, but they didn't specify infection due to GBS, just general infection.

I'll have to ask some more questions next week when I go in.

I'm on antibiotics now for a UTI that popped up in the middle of the night 2 days ago. But, from everything I've read, taking antibiotics before going into labor specifically for GBS is a waste of time because it's very likely to just come right back, so you're just taking extra antibiotics for no reason.

I'm a yogurt eater too, but I do tend to develop yeast infections when I've been on antibiotics, so I think it's worth taking the extra probiotics just as a preventative measure. Besides that, there's evidence now that probiotics in the weeks leading up to birth could reduce the risks of a baby developing food allergies and eczema (not that I expect any of these--no one in my family has either).
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