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Re: Knitters/Hookers/Spinners/Dyers *WIP* 8/5

Originally Posted by PipersMomma View Post
holy crap.... she has 123 projects and all but like 3 are socks. She is officially off her damn rocker.
Emily you crack me up.

Originally Posted by moonglowdesigns View Post
Thanks hun! Yeah, they are for my 3yo too, he's freakishly tall as well! Him and his 5yo brother are almost in the same size

My 7 and 9 year old wear the same size. My 7 year old is in the 95% for height. Then my poor 5 year old is only 10th %, and of course he's the boy. Doesn't even wear a 5t yet

It's 1:30 a.m. here and I'm sitting up holding a crazy baby. He's sick and this is the 3rd night out of four he's done this. It's been for a little over an hour each time. I'm so tired I feel like I'm gonna lose my freakin mind. Sleep will be so glorious someday
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