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Re: Thinking about working Part time...feeling guilty about leaving the kids!!

Thank you so much for all your kind words!! It will just be a huge adjustment on my part getting over the fact that my youngest will be the first one that i wasn't home "full" time with...but at least i was for her first year...guess that's not too maybe it will help her with her clinginess, she only wants me ALL the time and that's it. And I know what you gals mean about being stressed, i feel too that when i'm stressed it's not good for the kids...I think being out of the house for a short time each day may help that stress that builds up from being here all the time, 24/7!! Guess i will try it for a little while and like you all said, see how it works out for us and then go from there. I have no plans on putting any of them in "daycare" so if something falls through with family watching them then i'll just have to quit...and I don't think nursing will be a problem, I can either just pump if i need to, or it will probably be such a short time that i won't have to worry about it and just nurse her when i get home :-)

Thanks again for all your kind words, i love to hear about all your situations, it helps so much with mine when i know that i'm not alone!!

Thanks again!!
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