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calling all do you do it? (not IT lol)

no, not that IT, i mean co-sleep

both of my kiddos have slept in the bed for the first few months but then it really stops working for us...ds is five now and he's so hard to sleep with (i've gotten kicked in the face before!) that when we stay in hotels he gets his own queen size bed! dd is three months and i usually put her down in her bassinet and then bring her into bed when she wakes to nurse, but she's not sleeping well with us anymore (fidgets and whines until she wakes herself up) anyway, i wish we could all snuggle in the bed and sleep together, but i guess my kids just aren't cut out for it?

i do have a few questions...

how and where do you put the kids to bed at night?

how many kids sleep with you?

when do you expect them to move to their own bed?

oh and of do you do IT?

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