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Re: Discount codes and FREE SHIPPING on cloth diapers!

Originally Posted by Sarah-B View Post
These look just like the china made diaper safari pockets & covers. Like they just sewed their tag on. nothing wrong w/ that I just thought maybe you should know. Also if you like them then look on aliexpress because you can probably just order then directly from china and save a lot of money that way.
I have one DS cover that I am not a fan of - I could never get a leak-free fit...I don't think DS have double gussets, at least I don't see them on their website. And they don't have prints. So, I am not entirely convinced these are Diaper Safaris... I will compare the two when I get my package.

I am not sure I feel comfortable ordering directly from China, uncertainty, long wait time etc. Taking into account the fact that most of our every day stuff is made in China these days, we still mostly buy from American companies who just have production in China (pretty much any American company, sadly, including big names like Apple and LL Bean). At least they pay taxes in the US and provide warranty for their customers.
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