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Re: ****Winter**** Chicken Moma chat thread. Join in the chat!

Aw, I'm so sorry about your eggs, mamas. I admit when our power went out for an hour the other day I wondered how I would deal with that during a hatch situation. Dh wants a generator for our camper though, so in the future it should be ok. I think we've unanimously decided that heritage meat birds are for us and we'd gladly wait the 20weeks to butcher for the quality. So I need to consider possibly making a bigger incubator from a cooler to allow for that, turkeys, and any egg hens I raise because this obviously isn't going to be as "every once in a while" as I originally thought. A "coolerbator" would be much easier to sanitize between hatches also.

So today is coop cleanout day and I'm dragging my feet. Bought my hay and sack of feed last night. 50lbs of turkey grower mash was $19.. not bad considering what it HAS been. I'm going to cut the little rooster's portion of the grower feed in half with scratch to help fatten them. They're 9 weeks now and we'd like to butcher them at 16. By then I should be looking at putting the little babies out for transition. And yes, I've been feeding the gals grower. They are absolutely RAVENOUS right now and I think the extra protein and corn is helping tame their appetites and behavior and hopefully keep them warmer. I've just been feeding them back their eggshells and it's been fine. I just rinse and leave them in a grocery sack till they dry, crush them underfood and toss. I read several sources that said to pulverize in a food processor though, do you all do that? Is it really necessary?

one last thing, I'm getting my grass seed hopefully today, gonna mix a small amount of wildflower seed with it so it's pretty to look at (and chickens love eating flowers LOL) and seed out my "chicken pasture" on the side of the house.

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