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Re: Nursing Bra Conversions

Hey, thanks for your PM. I'm apparently not allowed to reply to you as I haven't enough posts yet!! Grrrr! Here's what I had intended to put in my PM back to you!

Hey Sandy,

Thanks for getting back to me and no big deal about the delay. Poor you! I hope things improve for you all soon!

Thanks for the info about postage. It all looks good and perfectly reasonable.

I know exactly what you mean re the bra sizing. I actually work in a store selling nursing wear, nursing bras and baby carriers so am very familiar with how to size bras. I am a little cautious about how the bra may fit differently so may start out with just one old bra (I have one whose wires keep poking out so it would be a good tester!) and see how it goes. I'm currently only 19 weeks yet but already finding the 30 band too small. By the time I get to term/early post partum I may need to find a different size which could potentially mean sending you brand new bras to adjust- hence my concern that it works properly and fits nicely!

I will definitely be in touch closer to the time (may be in the new year). In the meantime I may recommend you to anyone else who visits our store, who is in a similar position to me! Do you prefer to use Diaper Swappers as a contact or do you have a website/email of your own?

Thanks again and all the best for now,

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