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Hmmm pumping actually doesn't hurt nearly as much as nursing does for me. I've always gotten a TON of milk when pumping, usually 7-8oz total in 10-15mins. I used to get 8oz each side in 15 mins with my twins. The nurses in the nursery were amazed! Too bad they didn't encourage me to freeze it, they dumped the left over after 3 days which was a LOT when they were taking an ounce or two max at each feed. :-(
Anyway, I have the PISA too and definitely start at a lower suction, you can also use lanolin while pumping to help with pain and when you feel the let down there is that let down button or it will happen automatically at some point. I was able to pump exclusively for a good week plus after surgery and will have to again here when I go for my tubal on Fri. I am going to start pumping between feeds this week and hope to have enough for all day Friday while I'm in surgery and recovery.
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