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Re: February/March Chat Thread

Originally Posted by mmbreb View Post
I have never BTDT but I simply would not give it to him. Little-Man came to us with a bottle and I promply threw it in the trash when we walked in the door. He never cried for it at all since it was never in the house at all. My DS has used a regular cup since just after a year while sitting in his high chair. I would only give him milk in a regular cup or not at all. I know that is kind of harsh but I couldn't deal with the vomiting! Sorry it this makes me a mean mama but I know I just couldn't deal with the puke.
I took the bottle away during nap time, but he just layed in bed for an hour rambling, complaining about a scrape on his leg (he never cared before!LOL) & yelling NO!!!! over & over & over. Finally I gave in & gave him the bottle again!
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