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Well, I've only had c sections so I can't compare the two but here's my experience.

I had a long labor with DD1 that ended in an emergency section. With DD2 I opted for a repeat section. Not a popular choice on here I know, but I don't regret it.

I had awesome recoveries with both. I went home after 48 hours. Of course there was some pain after the surgeries but it wasn't unmanageable. The surgeries themselves were fine. DD2s was better because I had planned it, went it at 9 am after a good nights sleep and was in recovery by 10:30. I had no issues with nursing.

I know there are people who have very difficult c sections but there are also people who have complications from vaginal births too. If you're making this decision based on risks to your own health I think it's the best decision for you. Try not to fear the is a little freaky but once you get in there all you're thinking about is meeting your baby.
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