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Re: Angry.. another "nursing in church" vent...

Originally Posted by songbird516 View Post
LOL. "i'm very crafty." hahahaha

OP, it's tricky. Christians are supposed to respect the consciences of others, so I think that if it were me I would bite the bullet and nurse somewhere else if it was really bothering lots of people, but that is only because I go to the Kingdom Hall as part of my worship of Jehovah God, not necessarily to associate with others and feel loved, etc. There are separate nursing rooms with sound in the Hall, though, so it's not something that I've had to worry about. Also, I feel strongly that my religion represents the true God, so I wouldn't go to another congregation (where there will always be people who annoy me in some way) just over a nursing issue. Sometimes I have to put the feelings of others over my own, as long as I'm not violating Bible principles in doing so.
I used to nurse in a sling in the back of the Hall, but could tell that some people were uncomfortable, so I retreated to the nursing room because I'd rather maintain peace with those people. Now when we are out and about together (with friends from the congregation) and there is no designated area, I nurse wherever, with a sling or layered clothing, and I don't worry about who is around. I will never use a cover, it's just not my style. I've never been approached in those situations. It helps that we are constantly being reminded to keep peace and not let our personal preferences pull us apart, so that keeps most people, even if they are bothered, from making an issue of my BIP.
I have to agree with this. We are called to not make the weaker brother stumble. Obviously, this man is a weaker brother. Being a Christian is not about getting your own way, or shoving your point of view in someone's face. It's about grace and forgiveness, and sometimes, that means you might not be treated fairly. Jesus may have been breastfed, but I bet you anything it wasn't like the statues and paintings that are around these days. Women were second class dirt back then. I'm sure they had to hide away to nurse their babies. Also, as a man, Jesus was mistreated far more than any of us will ever be. And he did it for us.

In our church, we have an area just outside the sanctuary that has a bunch of comfy couches. There is a speaker there, so we can still hear the sermon. Not everyone uses this area, but it is there. And it isn't all secluded either. Anyone coming out of the sanctuary can walk right past it. But it provides a place to be comfortable while nursing. The toddlers often play there too, while the moms sit and listen.
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