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Hi mama, the PPs have good advice about possibly cutting out soy and other foods. Even though it can take weeks for dairy to clear, it sounds to me like there is something else going on. My LO is sensitive to almost everything and its really hard at first, but you find some foods and stick with them. May I suggest cutting out all dairy, soy, wheat, eggs, and nuts, at least for a few days as a test? I was dairy and soy free, but taking out wheat, nuts, and eggs fixed my LOs issues literally almost overnight. What can you eat? Rice, quinoa, bananas or other safe fruit, avocado, sunbutter, enjoy life chocolate chips , oatmeal, safe meats, etc. So Delicious coconut "ice cream" rocks. I also have to avoid most veggies and fruits, beans, potatoes, and do tomatoes in moderation. I can only get away with grass fed beef, and any stocks will wreck her gut for days. I hope your LO isn't as sensitive as mine, and you get it figured out! When it feels too hard, try to remember that hypoallergenic formula is expensive!

Also, the best advice I've read is to stay ahead of your hunger. It is super tempting to cheat if you're hungry.
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