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Re: Submit your Breastfeeding Book Reviews!

Breasts, by Genichiro Yagyo is an amazing children's book, ages 5-9. The 28 page book explains the nature and development of breasts and how mother's produce milk and breastfeed. There is a description of how milk is made, how babies breastfeed and nuzzle against their mother's breasts, the transition from breastmilk to solids after a year.

The pictures are simple drawings with humor. Some cute lines:

"When a baby grabs hold of the breast and sucks on the nipple (glug glug glug), milk flows from it. Babies love their mother's breasts because they're round, soft and warm- and they smell nice, too."

"As long as babies feel this way, they keep on drinking their mothers' milk.... Once a baby no longer drinks mother's milk, it stops flowing from her breasts. This is how babies say goodbye to their mother's breasts"

The breasts book is a part of a body series. Contemplating Your Bellybuttonbook depicts how the baby is connected to mother in the womb, a birth (with mom squatting!!), and then the connection continues with breastfeeding. Love this book as well.

The other body books are:
The Gas We Pass
Everybody Poops
The Holes in Your Nose
All About Scabs
Doula Mama to
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