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Prioritizing what to buy organic?

We have slowly but surely eating more organic foods and buying more natural products. But, we do have a budget and sometimes I struggle with knowing what should take priority.

We buy the "dirty dozen" organic. Items on the "clean 15" I generally don't unless the added expense is minimal.

I buy most prepackaged items organic. Mainly this is cereal, pasta, granola bars, chicken nuggets, and chips for us.

I buy milk organic but I think the brand we have is only marginally organic, Horizon

I buy 2 pounds of organic ground beef a month, this is not all of the meat we eat but I'm making a step. Its 3-4 meals worth of beef for us.

Are there certain foods it is more important?

And what about body products? My unresearched thought that is if it coats my whole body then I want it organic. So our soaps, lotions, sunscreens are the safe brands. Toothpaste is too. Deodorant depends on the day.

Cleaners-we do use safe cleaners, this isn't too much of an added expense so I don't have a hard time keeping that up.

That's a brief summary of us. Am I on the right track? Any tips on what is more important to get organic or not?
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