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Re: Prioritizing what to buy organic?

Ok, I'm not doing too bad then. I think I will keep trying to get more grass fed organic meat. The 2 lbs we get now is grass fed. I do good with organic milk and yogurt but not cheese. I like all the convenient varieties you can buy cheese in, lol. Grading and slicing my own sounds like tons of work, but I suppose I can handle it

I remember reading somewhere that Horizon pushes the limits of what is organic but that is my only organic option unless I go to walmart and get their brand. I was thinking the organic status is state by state defined too???

What is UHT pasteurized? Will it say that on the package?

We still eat from plastic I'm more conscious of it and the types of plastic, but plastic is still very much a part of our lunch packing lives. We'll get there. The boys' thermos's are stainless I wish I could find more small stainless containers. The reusable bags just aren't working out like I'd hoped.
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