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Re: What is the best way to take an infant's temperature?

If you just want an idea, under the arm and add one degree is fine. For just an idea, forehead and ear is fine too, the forehead and ear thing that I have doesn't seem very accurate, but it might be just my thermometer. With it you can take the temp a couple times in a row and it will vary.... Rectally is more accurate. I'm surprised if you were asking he didn't show you how far to insert the thermometer. You don't want to stick it real far up in there. Basically if you make sure the tip of the thermometer the little metal coated part is in there all the way, you're good to go. Anyway, it is more accurate, and if you need accurate (if temp is getting scary high or scary low) it's the best way to go. If you don't need that accurate take it whichever way you feel comfortable and the dr. will ask you what the temp was and what method you took it with.
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