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Re: First food?

Originally Posted by CottonMamma
So is this only true if you don't buy organic carrots? I buy organic when I don't have any in my garden, but otherwise I grow all my own veggies organically.
well, organic carrots have nitrates's from the soil. i would say the MAIN things i take away from that article are

1) conservative approach (AAP) - to delay starting those veggies that are more likely to have nitrate concentrations (spinach, broccoli, carrots, beets) until baby is 8 months old and their system is mature enough to handle

2) be aware that most nitrate poisoning comes from contaminated well water

3) organics are likely to have less nitrate concentrations as are commercial jarred baby food (b/c they screen for nitrates)

4) don't use the cooking water in making your purees of root & leafy green veggies

i have to say that i didn't worry a huge amount about this issue b/c dd really was at least 8 months before she really even got more than a tiny taste of anything on her tongue....certainly no where near enough to be concerned about.

i think that while it's something to be aware of, my impression is that it's not a huge risk.
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