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We bought DD's first big girl panties!!

...though I know we are far from being diaper free She's only 19 months old, so she may not be ready at all, but we are getting her used to the idea of going on the potty. We got a toddler potty to keep in the living room and we made a big deal of letting her put on the panties and "Oh my goodness!! Those big girl panties are SOOO pretty!! You are such a big girl!!"

I'm fairly sure she knows when she pees, because all of a sudden she'll stand still and kind of put her knees together and grab her crotch and sometimes she'll say potty or tinkle. When it comes to poo she's not as good at saying something, but that's okay because it is definitely more noticeable Then we ask her if there's poopoo in her diaper and she'll say yes or no and she's usually right. She also loves to put TP in the toilet and flush, and everytime she hears the toilet flush she says "bye-bye poopoo!"

Tonight we let her sit on her toddler potty before bed and obviously nothing happened since it was the first time. Oh, and we got the obnoxious potty that plays music when the business hits the pot so she got a huge kick out of that when we turned the music on.

The only thing is that we couldn't get her to sit on it for more than like 3 seconds at a time. How is she ever going to go potty if she won't stay on the potty??

Right after we got her diapered and pajama-ed she came up to me holding her crotch and saying tinkle so I think she saved it up during her potty play.

Does anyone have any tried and true advice on introducing the potty to my kiddo?
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