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Re: My daughter has a death wish

Originally Posted by jen_batten View Post
Spend a whole day with her going up and down the stairs. It gets some of the fun out of it because she doesn't feel like she's not allowed to do it. Plus, even if she stays super excited about the stairs and wants to do it all the time, you'll have taught her how to go up and down safely and won't have as many falls. She'll have lots of practice under her belt and hopefully by then it won't scare the jimminy cricket out of you. It's a win-win.
This! My 10 month old is just starting to walk, but she's been able to go up and down the stairs for a few weeks now. I never had any luck with using baby gates to keep my son out of places I didn't want him (he'd get them down or climb over) so I haven't really bothered this time around. My daughter crawls up the stairs, and scoots back down feet first on her stomach.
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