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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Originally Posted by kushie tushie View Post
So... I'm beaming and had to share!!
Awhile back some mama on DS shared something from The Art of Manliness blog. DH loved it and follows it. He really enjoys writing and saw that he can submit his own articles for publication. So he told me the other day we wants to do one about foreskin restoration!

He's been working on it the last few days but won't let me read it. I think he's being shy about it which is weird b/c he used to write for me all.the.time. we I was on the comp and went looking for the article and its so great. He basically gives me all the credit to keeping DS intact and how he didn't want to admit it at first but he's so glad I didn't back down. He's not done but he's moving on to how DS's penis made him feel like he was missing something and how he was introduced to foreskin restoration.

If he gets published you better believe i'll post a link!!
Thanks for reading I just HAD to share!

Blaming typos on my "smart"phone's auto-correct
This makes me hope that DH and I have a boy someday, so that when I teach him about why I won't allow our son to be cut, (DH doesn't really deal with hypothetical situations, which is why we haven't discussed it yet) then hopefully that will open up DH to the idea of restoration. I believe it would improve things for *both* of us.
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