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I watched it. It's a sweet film in the same way that any of the birth stories are sweet - it's heartwarming to watch women in those moments immediately following the birth of their child.

As far as being informational regarding home v. hospital birth, I don't think it offers anything I haven't learned either through my own childbirths or through my nursing education. I do however think that there are some statistics presented in a way that makes them seem more important than they actually are. It is difficult to get truly meaningful data when you are not comparing apples to apples and this is left out of the film for the most part.

I agree with much of the film, but really it's not all that earthshattering. Homebirths attended by educated and appropriately qualified/licensed/etc. midwives are safe for the majority of those who seek them. I think though that it tends to be scare tactics when discussing how birth was handled in hospitals 100 years ago and then in the next sentence explaining how a contemporary midwife handles care. Showing women receiving sedation in the mid-1900s and the next image of a midwife well equipped with modern birthing supplies (including things like pitocin) is a startling image. However, it isn't really accurate to compare those images.

I do appreciate that it portrays the homebirthing women receiving appropriate prenatal care and does not promote ignoring proven prenatal care in the home setting. Seeing midwives equipped with education, knowledge and modern medicine is often not the image that is portrayed for homebirthing and that is nice to see.

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