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Re: EBF??

Well I was also a weird one that did all my research (still do) and found that they don't need anything other than bm until after a year. We did start SLOWLY at 6 months, I'm talking daddy fed her like a tablespoon every couple of days only to quiet all the questions up until a year. The first year of life solids should only be PRACTICE not nutrition.

As for bottles, I disagree with what the above pp said heres why: Fist of all when you're going on a diet do you keep sweets around? When you're trying to stop smoking do you keep cigarrarts around? (Okay so I can't spell sorry. ) Anyway my point is, if you have formula and a baby bottle chances are MUCH higher that you're going to allow yourself to give in to them when the going gets tuff. sure bfing is hard especially in the beginning but if you add formula and bottles to the mix your BOUND to eventually NOT bf and be sucked into the formula world.

All that to say, I'm not totally against Formual or bottles I hope I don't offend anyone, we all have reasons we do what we have too, but if you have that temptation chances are you won't succeed unless you have LOTS of help.

That brings me to you really need support. Get all the information you can about bfing. Don't take everything EVERYONE says as the true way to do things, Find information on your own. The LLL is a GREAT source as well as These are two VERY highly suggested sources to pull info from as they are backed with researched information. You can't always listen to your doctors either as many of them haven't really learned anything about bfing during they're years at school.

Good luck momma, it sounds like you're going to do a WONDERFUL job for your baby!!

BTW: I'm still nursing my 27 month old but she's gradually weaning herself (partly due to my pregnancy I think and mostly due to her not needing/wanting it, she's never been too attached!)
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