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DS1 is 27.5 months old. He doesn't talk, but he can communicate (via pointing and making noises). He was on a waiting list for 8 months before even having a S-LP/OT assessment, at which they told me he is delayed in expressive speech (...duh.) and they don't want to see him for another 4 months. But, go ahead and go to these workshops that you cannot bring him to.


(He is at a really crappy age. My friend has a son a year and a half older than him, and her son got his assessment finally and starts speech therapy next month, which is how it should be. My son is in between the "infant development" and "preschool resources" programs, and because he's too old for the one, and not old enough for the other, he gets to be on yet another year long wait list. BLAH!)
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