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Re: Dads rights: naming, circing, etc?

Originally Posted by JennTheMomma View Post
I don't think it was a case of not bonding with him, but they knew my scent, my voice, my heartbeat, and that comforted them more than DH. After a few months DH could comfort them, but the first little while they needed me. They were happy to interact with DH at the beginning but with me right there. DH was not bothered by it though as he understood they spent 9 months in my womb.
There was recently an evening when DH tried to give me a break and comfort DD. She was not having it, though, and threw a screaming fit while DH did everything he could to comfort her. I couldn't take the screaming so I patted her back and talked to her while he held her. She calmed down slightly for a short period of time. I didn't want to tell him that she was crying cuz she wanted me... I didn't' want to hurt his feelings. Anyway, he figured out that she just wanted her mama and, as soon as he handed her over, she was calm. He was hurt regardless, poor DH. She was a lot older than 2 weeks, too. More like 2 months.
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