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Re: Need a good OB in Arizona please?

I had a MW that delivered at Mercy Gilbert. I LOVED her so much! Even my mom who was not in the idea for a MW could not stop talking about her. Also I did a group setting where you go as a group for 2 hours instead of appointments which I loved since it was my first baby. Anyways there was a girl in there that had a VBAC naturally!
Also the office won't induce until 2 weeks AFTER your due date. That was a relief to me! And the MW lets you do anything. If you want an epidural go for it if you don't she's game. Also the doctor over her is Dr Kells. He is top 100 doc in Phoenix I believe and will do anything to keep you from having a C section or so I am told by the many storied told in our group. It was really assuring to me.

I seriously can not talk enough about Ramona and the experience I had!!!!

Here is there site:

GL mamma!
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