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Welcome to the 2nd Trimester!

How is everybody?!

I am getting charlie horses. Oh my they are bad. I wake up nearly crying. I swear they are more painful than childbirth! I am drinking plenty and taking vitamins. ( Prenatal and extra calcium) Bananas stink so I can't eat those. I am having dH pick up potassium and magnesium vitamins for me today. I had them as a kid and also every pregnancy so its not an unexpected thing. But my legs get so stiff that it hurts to walk. I limped down the stairs this morning and then had to limp back up them to get dressed. My calves hurt. I still have nausea and smell aversions. Its always worse as the day goes on. ( My morning sickness is more afternoon sickness.)

I decided to do the qnatal test so I will know gender in 3 weeks! How exciting is that!

Other than that I got a 2nd ultrasound and little globby baby is doing just fine.
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