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Re: radian install HELP!!(with pics)

I have a Sienna 2011 and I installed the same seat in the captain's chair with latch. Here are a couple tricks:

1) recline the seat all the way (the captains chair) for better access to the latch areas.
2) once latched (with a loose belt), sit with your knees and as much body weigh as possible on the front part of the radian (where the belt is to pull the straps tight). This makes it really upright. At the same time, have your husband or any other very strong person pull the latch belt tight, super tight.
3) Put the captains chair back in upright position. Put your knees again on the radian and have someone pull it tight.

---> our Radian is super tightly installed, and very upright!

The car seat place we went to (CPSTs) had never seen a Radian before and they were unable to latch the seat in. My husband did it within minutes. They also determined that the rearfacing tether could not be used in our Sienna. I haven't read more about it but for now we are not using the tether.

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