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Re: How much homework does your First grader have?

My DD is in 1st grade and her homework is due on Friday, however, she has 2 math pages a night (so 8 total), and 1-2 reading comprehension/questions a night (so 4-8 total), she has to read a book every day and log it, has 10-15 spelling words to remember and 5-7 vocab definitions to remember and spelling/english homework that involves something as simple as have your mom give you a pre-test, or as extensive as write a story using all of the spelling words. That is also every night. I think this is a LOT for a 1st grader, especially being that it started the first day of school. I did find out though that she was placed in a "gifted" class. I'm not sure if that is why she has so much homework, but either way, "gifted" class or not, I don't think she should be spending more than 15mins a night on homework and it takes her about 30-45mins to do everything for the day. I asked around the other day with the same question, and a lot of teachers even said that typical is 10-15mins of homework a night or something as simple as spelling words and 3-4 pages of math for the week.
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