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Re: Does it get harder...

I think it was *easier* when he was an infant. With infants, you just break out the boobie or the bottle when they are hungry. Toddlers, you actually have to cook for them. Infants can't get into anything and you can get more things done. Bram's still a crawler so he can't get into *as* much as most toddlers but I'm always afraid he's going to pull something down on top of himself or because he's always literally on the floor, he finds things no one else will ever find and swallows it. (Tylenol PM, anyone?)

On the other hand, I do really prefer the toddler years. Of course, I miss him being tiny and stuff but its just so neat to see the things they can do at this age... He's learning signs really fast now and it just blows my mind! Its so fun to have a toddler.

Now if I could just convince DH to TTC again, I could have one of each.
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