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Re: EC for 11 week old??

Originally Posted by BeckyRKF View Post
I also have an 11week old, and we've done some EC, made some pee and poo catches. But now the weather has turned cold, and I can't leave her bare-bottomed as it's too cold. How do you dress them for that when they're still so young but it's too cold - hard to get diapers off in time.

Also, when you say on their potty chair - do you have a baby-sized one? I've been holding her over the big one, which doesn't always work. We had better success when I held her over ds's old babybjorn, because it was near me and we could do it anytime, but I have to keep holding her. Is there a baby potty that they can sit on with me supporting her upper body?

Is your Baby Bjorn potty the regular one? We love(d) the BBLP (Baby Bjorn Little Potty). It's smaller and all I had to do was support DS's upper body until he cold do it on his own.
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