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Coupon with love <3


I just started a group/page on facebook called "Coupon with love" its just brand new and i am looking for people to join my page! basically i am looking for coupon Queens and Kings who know how to use coupons to get items for free or super cheap who like to donate portions of there hauls to local charities.

I would like it if everybody shared deals,coupons and post pictures of there hauls and where there going.Even better if pictures of the items being dropped off at the charity were shared that be nice to look at.

I am personally based out of Winnipeg so i be happy to see alot of Winnipeg/Brandon people join my page..but will be happy to see people from all over Canada sharing deals and posting charity haul pictures.

Come join me seriously! i am very excited about this page and what i hope to see it accomplish.
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