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Re: TTC 30+ Nov. 19-Dec. 2

Originally Posted by MyGlorylife View Post
CD1 for me- blech!!!
sorry darlin. hope next month is better!

Originally Posted by Mamatoabunch View Post
CD 13. I think I am Oing today. BD'ed early this morning. My OPK's that I tried have yet to give a positive, doing another today, but yesterdays was negative. Oh, i turned 39 yesterday
happy belated!

Originally Posted by TonyKariTony View Post
Congrats to all the BFPs and to the CD1s, I got a very positive OPK this morning, Ugh!!! by the time I get off work my hubby should already be getting ready to go to work and won't come back until about 3 or 4 a.m., hopefully he is not to tired to do the BD whe he comes back
just tell him to be ready!

Originally Posted by slyfoxy View Post
Ladies I don't know if I over looked a 2ww From Nov 14-30. Hope to have some buddies during this time.

AFM: I started testing out my trigger shot an on my test today it was still nice two line on a HPT, so the trigger is still in my system good. I've never done this before so it's the first. I thought would see how it look.

I"m 3dpiui and started having some mild cramping today but trying to think anything much about it. Called the doctors office earlier today an wanted to double check about starting my Prometrium tomorrow night an make sure I heard my doctor right of using it down low. The nurse said that was correct an I go for my progesterone check Friday an tomorrow is my birthday oh dear,then turkey day be here. Me an DH been doing what doctor said for us to do over the weekend on Bd'ng an DH has loved it. DH is like a mad dog right now on bd'ng since we've not been able to for a month or a little more an he's been after me everyday now.

Too all you lovely ladies I'll be thinking of you an praying you all get a BFP very soon. We all deserve a beautiful BFP for the holidays. I sure hope everything works out for us.
very excited for you. i know i'd be on pins and needles too.

afm: still on the ttc wagon, technically...but i offered to take the list over since i'm checking it daily and know, in the past, that every time i ran a list, i ended up pg not more than a few months just maybe...

af is on her way out and while i was pretty convinced during her stay that i was OK not having another, as soon as i'm waiting to o...the want comes back. today i'm cleaning my kitchen really well for the holiday and just emptied the drawer with bottle nipples and pump parts...i nearly cried. i know i'm not going to stop wanting a baby.

thankfully, af was suuuuuuper mellow this cramping, whereas last month, i was in some serious pain.

the bummer is that i fell at my son's school the other day and hurt my knee pretty badly. it hurt so bad i couldn't be embarrassed, even...hehe. hopefully it heals quickly so i can jump my husband repeatedly and hope for an extendo-baby (where the swimmers stay around for days before o since hubs wont come anywhere near me (pun!) at that time, lol.)
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