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ADD diet or supplements help?

I know there are other mamas dealing with children with ADD on here. I know there are meds that we could turn to, but DH and I both want to try diet "tampering" (lack of better word, lol) or possibly supplements, before turning to meds.

Also, we have no official Dx for ADD, but this is based on our own observation of DS2 - my DH is a teacher, has dealt with ADD in his students, and my MIL is a special needs educator and obviously deals with many children with varying issues.
We've always known DS2 has attention/distraction troubles. We've always just dealt with it. But yesterday he was trying to do something and couldn't focus - and when he came to me with tears in his eyes and said "I can't. I get so distracted all the time." - well, DH and I decided we need to start doing more to help him.

Kwim? If it's just an annoyance to me (not sitting for a meal, etc) I deal with my own feelings towards it, but if he's feeling annoyed or bothered or upset by it, we need to help him with it.

So, any advice or ideas anyone could share would be greatly appreciated! TIA!
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