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Re: Is 2oz a day worth it?

Originally Posted by Catbutt Diapers View Post
How would I convince her to try nursing again? The last few times we have tried have been cuddled up on the rocker in her room at night, so the perfect atmosphere, and she still just wants nothing to do with the boob. I had always planned on nursing till 1 year and everywhere I look it says I'm a horrible mother for not nursing at least 1-2 years. I really want to continue on...
You are NOT a horrible mom. My oldeest stopped nursing when he was 4 months. I dried up. He is happy, healthy, and gifted academically. We formula fed from 4 months on. All my children have had some formula at some point of their first year for some reason. It is what it is.

If it was me pumping all to get 2 ounces per day, I would personally stop. The only way I would continue is if I was on reglan/domperidone and pumping every 2-3 hours to increase supply. You would need to drink a ton of water too. Whether or not you have the time and patience for that only you know. If I had only one child then I could, but with the 4 I have, no way do I have time. So do not feel bad, you have done great!!!
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