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Question 3yo suddenly has a serious TERROR of spiders

Yesterday afternoon we were playing outside, and one of my 3.5yo ds (twins) found a spider. Now we live in the desert, so this isn't a rarity but last night around 4am he woke up SCREAMING about spiders. He was freaking out and shrieking that they were crawling all over the floor of his room (he shares with his brother). He was jumping all over dh and me, trying to "get away" from them. We brought him in bed with us but he was still freaking out about the spiders in our bed. It took him about an hour to calm down and go to bed.

Tonight after his bath he refused to put his feet on the floor of his room because he said there were spiders. So I held him and put him on the top bunk, and then I vacuumed his floor and said I was vacuuming up all the spiders.

He and his brother are my oldest, so I've never experienced this before. Is this going to traumatize him for life? Is he going to get over this? Is there anythign I can do? Advice appreciated. Thanks.
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