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What can I do?

Ok, I hate taking meds while pregnant but I have got to get some sleep. I'm exhausted, and yet I can't sleep. I lay down and can't get comfortable, toss, turn, stare at the clock, and wind up on here all night (I know, it'd be easier to sleep if I'd turn the **** 'puter off and go to bed!) I really think it's a viscious cycle...I'm depressed and can't sleep, but the fatigue is making me more depressed. I'm so tired I'm having headaches and dizzy spells...but then I sit down or lay down and my mind is racing and I just can't sleep. I can't get in to see my MW before Monday but I did leave a message for her to call me today so I can talk to her about all of's just not healthy for me to be feeling this way. I haven't been eating right either...nothing is appetizing...I stand in front of the refrigerator and stare and every time I start to eat something, it just turns my stomach. I mean, I'm a big girl so I had some reserves but I'm 34 weeks pregnant and have gained less than 20 pounds and in fact, I'm pretty sure that I've lost about 5 pounds in the past two weeks because I just can't seem to make myself eat anything. I'm pretty sure the MW's going to want to start me on anti-depressants again. I think I'm also going to ask her to send me for bloodwork because I am prone to anemia and that often makes me tired and makes me lose my appetite and could be part of the dizzy spells. What else can I do? Tonight I was bound and determined that I was going to bed and was not getting up no matter what. I laid down when DJ did a little before 9 and did finally fall asleep, but then about 10:30, he woke up crying (still don't know what was wrong with him) and it took me an hour to get him settled again and by then I was good and awake. I got up to use the restroom and wound up "checking in" here and now it's after 4 a.m....

So are there herbal remedies that are safe while I'm pregnant that might help me relax and sleep? I'm almost positive that I was told Benedryl was safe during pregnancy but I can't remember for sure...that's the same active ingredient in OTC sleeping pills so are those safe? Any other ideas for how to just turn my mind off and get some rest? Thank you!!!
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