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Ever since we started using cloth our water bill has doubled from $50 a month to $100 a month. I wash two-three times a week and I know that's where the extra money is from. Each load is (all on high level);
1 cold wash cycle
1 hot/cold cycle with soap & bleach
1 warm/warm + extra rinse

I've tried everything to change our wash cycle to use less water and this is it. :-( it's either this or stinky diapers.


My DD is 18 mos and PLing, so my plan is to keep her primarily in Gerber training pants at home, and add covers when we go out. The undies can be rinsed and washed with regular laundry.

my DS still wears overnight cotton trainers that STINK and have to be washed alone.
any ideas for how we can reduce our water bill?

We have a dishwaser.
DH and I shower once/twice a week each (gross, I know, sorry).

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