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Re: How to lower water bill

We flush toilets every 2 to 3 pee & after every poo usually with at least 1 pee.wash bigger loads no small lods. If dishwasher yea few times a week or wash in sink & not use lots of water. Barhe together( one washes & 1 rinses so no waste) or sometimes my dad used to shut off after wet do all wash then rinse..... we double to tripple the people in shower. Limit amount in baths & always 2 at least if not more... especially if just doing bodies. I wash 1 tim3e week with toddler about same age. Do u have hard or soft water? Do u do wet pail? I found I could wash & rinse if I did wet pail although my front load he uses less than the old top loads 4 sure.
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