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Re: What do you use for your super soakers?

i have a dfs that size that is just about to turn one too! he soaks through sposies too! he's a tummy sleeper so i think that makes it a little harder, for the first week or so i wash changing sheets every morning because he peed out the top!

we are using a premium LL prefold with a three layer fleece topped hemp doubler and another large sandys bamboo doubler. he is a really short kiddo so even folded down in front (key for a tummy sleeping boy!!!) it about comes up to his armpits.

for day we are using a little lions capri pf stuffed into china cheapy pockets but we are getting frequent leaks. i don't know if its the diapers or the pfs, the back of the pfs isn't wet just the front so i'm wondering if he's not just holding it and flooding the dipe before it has a chance to absorb. i have some bg secnods on the way so hopefully that will tell me if i need to work on a new insert or if its the diapers fault.

the flip inserts intrigue me! are they like a pf or like the one size bg inserts with snaps?
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