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Contractions question

Right now my brain is a bit broke and my ability to go through google to find the answer is broke also. So could you help me out? And my OB knows all of this (plus the high-risk OB) and they are not concerned.

Back story: I am 27 weeks pg. I have kidney stones; BAD. I also have unknown kidney pain that comes and goes. Because of this, my OB put me on pain meds. I have had 8 stone attacks that put me in the ER/L&D. The last one being on 11/7.

So on 11/7, I started having pain quite early (abnormal for me). I did my routine to take my pain medicine as the side effects of opiods are horrible for me. The pain went from a 4-5 to an 8 ON the pain meds. I asked a neighbor to take me to the hospital. I stayed in L&D for 6 hours. They had me on the monitor. Every time I had a pain surge, I would have a small contraction. I was given IV pain meds and a Terb shot. I forgot how much I hated Terb shots! Once my pain was controlled, the contractions stopped completely.

I cannot find anything about a woman with severe, chronic pain during pregnancy. From what my OB said while I was pg with DD, the pain can cause contractions but even when I don't have severe pain, I still get them. I try not to worry, since the high-risk OB said I shouldn't, but it still concerns me that I am having actual contractions.

Is this "normal"? Does anyone else get contractions? With or without severe, chronic pain?
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