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Re: Discriminatory shipping for Canadians?

To be honest, there are many online stores and places like Spots and DS, where I simply will not make purchases because I know I can buy brand new for almost what the item + extra shipping will cost me. I often purchase on eBay because I find the shipping to be more transparent and you can clearly see who is just gouging. Also, I find on eBay, you can find sellers from the UK- Royal Airmail is exceptional and cheap. If possible, I will try to purchase from a UK seller over a US seller for that reason (not that I don't love my US friends).

Canadian domestic shipping is just as bad. It cost me $28 dollars to ship 6 BG XS AIOs and 7 BG small AIOs to Ontario from Alberta with delivery confirmation. Add to that PayPal fees, and eBay's cut and I ended up getting much less in the end for those diapers than I had wanted. I have had much better resale value over all when I use Kijiji.

I keep a little list of retailers that I have had good experiences with for shipping and tend to stick with those eg. Clothdiaperdepot has free shipping within the US for orders over a certain amount, and she gave me a credit for what the shipping would have been in the States and only charged me the difference in postage which I thought was very fair and nice.

Canada Post in general really sucks. My best friend lives in Iowa and she often sends things and several times packages have been completely and utterly lost. They are seriously lazy but sadly, I don't find Greyhound or Purolator to be much cheaper.

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