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Re: Any foods to increase my breastmilk production?

Originally Posted by guinness mama View Post
Before I went to visit my in-laws (almost 2 weeks ago), I was pumping everyday (2-4 oz) and kept that for my DH to feed our baby for the next morning. My milk production was good then. I didn't feel like I was neither producing enough nor over-producing. But, since the beginning of the second half of the visit, I started noticing the decrease of my milk production. Since I got back, I have been trying to pump during the day to stimulate my milk production, but no luck. I am drinking lots of liquid (water, tea), more than 1 gallon a day for sure (I have been doing this since the day 1). I will try all of the tips I got from other mamas (esp. oatmeal cookies! ). If my milk supply can come back within 2 weeks, that would not be bad! Thank you very much for sharing your tips! I will keep trying these for AT LEAST 2 weeks!
yes.. keep it up for two weeks.. that is when I noticed improvement.. I am not really sure how long it took to get it to were he didnt need anything else.. but it takes awhile... just keep it up !!
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